Workers’ Day: Here are the best companies for workers in Nigeria

Workers' Day: Here are the best companies for workers in Nigeria

Its Workers’ Day 2022 and Business Insider Africa is pleased to present the top five best companies for workers in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa.

The list is dominated by financial services companies, especially in Nigeria and South Africa. The list is courtesy of LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Companies Ranking.

LinkedIn recently released its 2022 Top Companies Ranking. The ranking details some of the world’s best companies for professional growth. According to LinkedIn, the aim of the ranking is to help “job seekers and career builders to identify companies that invest in their employees, explore open jobs, enhance their skills, and more.”
Business Insider Africa understands that LinkedIn’s methodology for the ranking was based on these seven pillars:

Company stability
Company affinity
Gender diversity
The ability for workers to advance
Skills growth prospects for workers
External opportunities for workers and
Educational background of workers

Let’s now focus on the top 5 companies in each of the following African countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. See the lists below.

Best companies to grow your career in Nigeria

Access Bank Plc: Access Bank is the largest bank in Nigeria by asset size and one of Africa’s leading financial institutions. It has subsidiaries in Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, and other African countries. According to LinkedIn, some of the top skills possessed by Access Bank workers include banking and customer service management. Meanwhile, the most common job titles are Relationship Officer, Customer Service Officer, Branch Service Manager, etc.

Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc: This is yet another major Nigerian financial services group. According to LinkedIn, this is the second-best company for workers in Nigeria. Most people that work here have the following job titles: Relationship Manager and Finance Officer. And they possess skills ranging from core banking to customer service.

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Stanbic Bank Group:  This is the parent company of Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Bank Namibia, Standard Bank Lesotho, etc. LinkedIn said it is the third best place for workers in Nigeria. Stanbic Bank’s workers possess such skills as sales effectiveness and persuasion. And the most common job titles are Clients Service Officer, Software Engineer, etc.

Zenith Bank Plc:  This is yet top Nigerian bank which has also managed to remain the most profitable over the past five years. The company has subsidiaries in Ghana, Gambia, and the UK. And according to LinkedIn, it is the fourth best place to work in Nigeria. The most common titles held by people that work here are Bank Teller, Customer Service Officer, and Finance Officer. And their most notable skills are banking, accounting, and customer service.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev:  This is the only non-bank company in the top five list of best companies to work for in Nigeria. Also known as A.B Inbev for short, this company is one of the top brewers in Africa’s most populous country. People working here possess some important skills, including supply chain management, critical thinking, and warehouse operations. Some of the most common job titles are Business Development Representative, Process Operator, and Sales Team Lead.


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