Father marries daughter to a guest as Groom was busy drinking, dancing

The Indian state of Maharashtra witnessed a funny and strange incident; the father of a bride took revenge on his daughter’s groom for being late for the wedding by marrying her to one of his invited relatives.

According to local media, it was agreed between the families to complete the wedding rituals in the city of Buldana on 22 April at four o’clock in the evening.

On the day, the bride and her family waited for the groom to arrive at the ceremony, but he was delayed for hours. He did not arrive until 8 pm.

According to the media, the groom and his friends drank so much that they were late to show up on time, and as soon as they entered the wedding hall, they started dancing and fighting.

Faced with this situation, the father of the bride decided to take revenge on the groom, and did not complete the marriage.

The father suggested to one of his relatives who were invited to his daughter’s wedding party to marry her. The man accepted the offer, and indeed the ceremony was completed with the new groom.

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According to local media, the bride’s father justified his behavior, saying, “The wedding was supposed to be on April 22, and the groom was busy drinking and dancing.

The wedding time was 4pm but they arrived at the venue at 8pm. So I married my daughter to one of my relatives.”

He later said no family would wants to marry their daughters to drunkards.


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