5 best roadside snacks in Nigeria

5 best roadside snacks in Nigeria

Nigerians love their roadside snacks and we curated a list of people’s favorite snacks Despite concerns of hygiene, there is something inexplicable different perhaps, even better than store-bought snacks.

I made a poll on Twitter and asked about the snacks people thought were best. This is the result of the poll.

Puff Puff

This soft fluffy snack is the reigning king and queen of roadside snacks in Nigeria, and it is loved by everyone. It is made from simple ingredients like flour, yeast dough. I had a friend who was so addicted to puff puff he bought it every day on his way to work.

A quick fix for hunger gala. Gala is a beloved snack in Nigeria made from sausage roll and flour.

Almost everyone eats Gala when they are hungry. Although it used to have more sausage in it, one can blame the economy for how thin it has become.

According to Nairametrics, Gala is Nigeria’s leading sausage roll. Many other companies and competitors have come up with other variants, Gala is still the most popular and loved.

Scotch eggs

Popularly called egg roll. A filling snack, loved by most people. Make sure to use mint or drink lots of water after eating this to avoid mouth odour.

Boli and Groundnut

For those who live in the South-South especially around Port Harcourt, Boli and Groundnut is a beloved delicacy and it also quickly subdues hunger.

These boli and groundnut sellers who stay by the roadside also sell roasted yam, fish, and peppered sauce.

This fried grounded bean paste is also a loved delicacy in Nigeria. When traveling, the hot Akara around Osun state is considered one of the best in Nigeria.

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Although one must be careful with it so as not to have a running stomach.
There are still so many snacks and roadside delicacies loved by Nigerians, but this is our top five. What are yours?


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