Hassan Nasrallah is fine, and doing hi daily work, pay no attention to rumors

hassan nasrallah

There are reports on social media that Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah has died, but these reports are only rumors and have no relation to reality.

After Hezbollah general secretary coughing during a TV broadcast and no public appearance in the last few days, there have been reports on social media that he has died. Many users are sharing posts on social media speculating about his death.

It is being said that Hassan Nasrallah was infected by Covid-19 and died during treatment.

However, till now no Hezbollah official has confirmed his death and none of the reputed media body has published this kind of news. This rumor only spread on the Internet.

However, Lebanon’s news agency Beirut Post shared a post on its Twitter handle suggesting that Hassan Nasrallah is healthy and that he is not corona infected. According to Israeli intelligence services, he has been ill for years.

Beirut Post shared a video on her Twitter account in which Lebanese people appear to be distributing water to people wishing Nasrallah health.


However, earlier Hezbollah Secretary Sheikh Naeem Qasim had said that Hasan Nasrallah is moderately ill and will recover in a few days.

MTV ENGLISH NEWS has also tweeted that people in Lebanon are distributing water, wishing Hezbollah Secretary-General health

According to the report of Al Joumhouria Lebanon A close to Nasrallah confirm that his health is improving and that it has become better than it was during his previous appearance, confirming that he specifically treats spring allergies and pneumonia, and it is not true that he suffers from corona, and if this is the case, there is no problem in announcing it.


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