Amidst Erdogan’s anti-Israel statements “Turkon Istanbul” hading to Haifa with weapons and supplies.

Erdogan sends 260 ships to Israel with weapons and supplies.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains in the news by continuously making anti-Israel statements to gaine support for the Islamic world, but the truth is quite different from the statements.

On one hand, while Erdogan makes a statement about ending relations with Israel amid the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, on the other hand, at the practical level, he is sending turkish container ships towards Haifa loaded with weapons and supplies.

Satellite images and marine trackers have revealed that a Turkish ship, Turkon Istanbul, has headed towards the Israeli port of Haifa carrying weapons and supplies.

Erdogan’s duplicitous policy

This shipment from Turkey is being seen as Erdogan’s duplicitous policy.

Analysts say that politically, Erdogan is an opportunistic person, while in his statements he wants to keep the Islamic world with him by criticizing Israel and supporting Palestinians, he also wants to maintain warm relations with the Western world by supporting Israel.

Turkey keeping Zionist regime alive

Many experts also say that since Israel started attacks on Gaza till today when more than 25 thousand Palestinians have died, including more than 11 thousand children, Erdogan has done nothing but statements in support of Palestine.

Erdogan keeping Zionist regime alive

Erdogan ruled Turkish shipments are being seen as a lifeline for the Israeli economy amid Yemen’s ban on the passege of ships to and from Israel through the Red Sea because of the ongoing massacre in Gaza.

According to reports, a Turkish container ship TURKON ISTANBUL is heading towards Haifa, Israel. This container contains weapons and other essential items.

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On November 17, 2023, Turkish journalist Metin Jahan published a list of 260 cargo ships that left Turkey for Israel between October 7, 2023, and November 17, 2023, when Israel began bombing the Gaza Strip.

He wrote: This is a list of ships that sailed from Turkey to Israel while Israel was massacring the Palestinian people.

Turkey sends 7 ships to Israel everyday

He wrote that even as I am releasing this list, more new ships are being added to this supply.

We ship an average of 7 ships to Israel every day. Yesterday we sent 13 more ships.
As long as the government continues to do business with Israel, we cannot blame the war on the ordinary working class.

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Do you know who is the owner of Ro-Ro Hatay which is currently anchored in Haifa port, Israel?

The owner of this ship is Ibrahim Guler, the former President of Turkey and the mayoral candidate of the ruling party.

Metin said that although we verbally support Palestine and oppose the Gaza massacre, in reality we are providing logistics services to Israel with 260 ships.



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