What will be Pakistan’s response to Iran’s surgical strike?

What will be Pakistan's response to Iran's surgical strike

After destroying the Mossad spy base in Iraq and the terrorist base in Syria, now the news of Iran’s surgical strike on Pakistan is doing the rounds in the media.

The government of Pakistan has confirmed these attacks and said that two children have died in it.

Pakistan has described the attacks as a violation of its sovereignty and said that this is completely ‘unacceptable’.

The government of Pakistan has warned Iran over Iran’s surgical strike and said that “We condemn the unprovoked violation of our airspace and attack inside the country. This is a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and serious consequences can happen.”

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Iran claims that Jaish-al-Adl, a Sunni extremist group operating near its border with Pakistan, is supported by America and Israel.

In the past, this organization has also taken responsibility for many attacks on Iranian security forces. This is being seen as a justification for Iran’s surgical strike.

Pakistan calls Iran's surgical strike unacceptable

Pakistan calls Iran’s surgical strike unacceptable

Many authorities in Pakistan has criticized Iran’s surgical strike and many Pakistani high level officials called it unacceptable.

Former Pakistani minister and foreign policy expert Mushahid Hussain Syed says that the sudden attack was shocking even for Pakistan.

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He says, “Just a few hours before the latest incident, Iran’s Foreign Minister met Pakistan’s caretaker PM very cordially in Davos. Islamabad is shocked. There was neither any communication nor coordination between the two countries on this action. .”

“In my view, this covert operation by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has deep implications and should be viewed on a broader level.”

Former Pakistani diplomat Ikram Sehgal, reacting to Iran’s surgical strike, says, “I am sure that both the countries will resolve this issue and the situation will not get worse.

Pakistan should deal strictly with all such groups who carry out attacks from across the border. It should not allow its land to be used against any other country. Also, Iran should not take such steps in future.”

“Iran should share its views with the Pakistan Army before carrying out such attacks. If this does not happen then the danger of another war may loom in the region. “A war that will be a burden for the people here.”


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