Celebrities like Biden sexually assault children on this Island!

Celebrities like Biden sexually assault children on this deserted island!

The recently Biden leaked video has once again sparked debate on how celebrities sexually assault children on this deserted island.

Celebrities around the world like Biden, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson… how do they sexually assault children who were kidnapped and brought to Little Saint James Island in the Virgin Islands ?

Jeffrey Epstein is a major human trafficker who is said to transport children under the age of 18 to the island and take money from celebrities. In return, these celebrities secretly go to this island and sexually assault children.

Little Saint James Island, base for celebrities to sexually assault children

Little Saint James is a small private island in the United States Virgin Islands, southeast of Saint Thomas. It was owned by American child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein from 1998 until his death in 2019.

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Now, nearly 4 years after Epstein’s death in prison, his client list has been published and is circulating in the media!

Jeffrey Epstein island visitors list

As you can see her client list includes Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Eminem, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Jay-Z. , including big names like Beyonce, Orlando Bloom, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Rihanna, Robert Downey Jr., Prince Charles, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Robert De Niro, Ellen DeGeneres and…

It is being told that all the people included in this list will be prosecuted soon!

Michael Jackson whose name came up in the case of sexual abuse of children

the doucument that shows Michael Jackson's involvement in sexually assault children case

Isaac Kappy ‘s video about Little Saint James island, and his mysterious death

Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy. Biden sexually assault children

On May 13, 2019, Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy posted a video on the Internet purporting to be from Epstein’s Island. In this video, Cappy claimed that Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and other Hollywood stars were among those who sexually abused children.

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However, on the same day, actor Isaac Kappy died mysteriously, who was said to have committed suicide.

Stephen Hawking’s name came in sexually assault children case case!

Stephen Hawking's name came in child sexual assault case!

On Stephen Hawking’s involvement in sexually assault children case, Sky News wrote: The names of former US President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, younger brother of the British King, Donald Trump and Stephen Hawking have been published in court documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein case. Disclose details of people related to.

Stephen Hawking's name came in child sexual assault case!

Jeffrey Epstein was accused of running a widespread network of soliciting underage girls for sex.

A New York federal court judge has ruled that Mr Epstein’s court documents must be unsealed.

These documents present evidence of Stephen Hawking’s involvement in sexually assault children case and his illicit relations with young girls!



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