Muslims In Ebonyi Call For Unity, Peace and Love Among Nigerians

Muslims in Ebonyi State have called for love, Unity and peace among Nigerians.

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The Chief Imam of Abakaliki Central Mosque, Alhaji Mohammed Amin Labaran, madethe call while addressing Journalists in the State.

Labaran advised all Muslims to use this time of Eid al-Adha celebration to make peace with one another.

He said “Truth, love and patience should be the watch words of an ideal Muslim”.

The Commissioner of Police in Ebonyi State, CP Garba Alyiu wished all Muslims happy celebration.

He encouraged all Muslims and none Muslims to be peaceful as the celebration goes on.

The Commissioner said, “Glory to almighty Allah the Lord of the world for making it possible for us to celebrate the feast.

“The feast is a devotion to almighty Allah given to our father our grandfather prophet Abraham. it is a dedication and sacrifice of peace and tranquility and we hope and pray that God Almighty will continue to give us the health and the ability to exercise our Civic responsibilities as regards to the security and protection of life and property who are the players as you have since they are all over and we are doing everything possible to ensure public Peace by extension.

“we want Nigerians to have confidence on the security agencies that we are ready at any time to do everything possible to protect lives and property. The celebration is quite significant to the life of every Muslim, our grandfather Abraham sacrifice his son Ishmael because of obedience to almighty Allah so I’m calling all the Nigerian citizens to obedient to the concerned authority and to remain law abiding citizen so that peace will prevail in this nation as we all know Islam is peaceful.”

The Leader of Hausa Community in Ebonyi, Alhaji Idris Gambo thanked Ebonyi people for their hospitality.

Idris said they are living in peace with their Host Community.

“So I called all of us to live in peace both Christian and Muslim in Nigeria. God did not make mistake to bring us together so I think we have to live in peace let’s dialogue whatever thing it is on the table, I think if we do that, we should be stronger and better,” he said.

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The State Chairman Muslim Pilgrim Board, Alhaji Abbas Egwu during the Muslim Sallah homage to the Governor said it was a yearly routine to pay homage every time of Eid al-Adha.

Abbas said they are grateful for what Ebonyi Governor has been doing for the Muslims in the State.

He prayed almighty Allah to protect him at all times.


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