Unless Biafra is actualised, there’ll be no peace in Nigeria –Uwazuruike

The leader of the Move­ment for the Ac­tualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Ralph Uwazuruike, has stated that there will be no peace in Nigeria unless the Republic of Biafra is actu­alised.

There'll be no peace in Nigeria unless Biafra is actualised –Uwazuruike |  Ripples Nigeria

Uwazuruike who participated in a virtual conference on Sunday organ­ised by Harvard Law Stu­dents under the auspices of ‘Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisations (UNPO) and United Nations (UN), International Cove­nant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, to determine the Land Use/Border Rights and Ex­tra-Territorial Obligations of Nations in the quest for self-determination,’ said peace in Nigeria will only be achieved if a Biafran nation comes into being.

A statement issued by Uwazurui­ke’s Personal Assistant on Media Matters, Chris Mo­cha, and made available to Ripples Nigeria on Monday, said the main purpose of the conference was to gather members’ experience with challenges to their lands, as well as to share general perspectives, recommendations and good or bad practices regarding land rights.

While giving his thoughts on the conference topic, the MASSOB leader said:

“As usual, I represent the State of Biafra. In Ni­geria right from time im­memorial, lands belong to individuals and families.

“But in 1976, immediate­ly after the Biafra-Nigeria Civil War, the military government of Nigeria promulgated the Decree of 1976, which invested all lands in Nigeria to the state governors.

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“There are 36 states in Ni­geria and the Federal Capi­tal Territory, Abuja. So all the 36 governors are owners of the lands in Nigeria and the Federal Government owns the capital territory, Abuja.

“But the Federal Gov­ernment does not respect this Decree of 1976. Just recently, the 17 southern governors came together and banned open grazing in the entire southern re­gion, the President of Nige­ria, Muhammadu Buhari, nullified the action of the 17 southern governors and said that there was a graz­ing route that must be estab­lished to enable the armed Fulani herdsmen to come to our lands in the South to graze their cattle,” he said.


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