Dubai port explosion; Oil war started between UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Jebel Ali port explosion; Oil war started between UAE and Saudi Arabia?

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It has just been reported that there has been a huge explosion at the Jabal Ali port of Dubai, after the explosion there has been a terrible fire at the port.

According to Arab media, the blast took place near the club house of Dubai. This is the same place where the US military airbase is located.

According to the news received, a Dubai oil reserve has been targeted in this blast.

Other media have also reported a massive explosion at a merchant ship at Dubai’s Jabal Ali port. The cause of this explosion is not yet known.

News agency Reuters also reported a massive explosion in Dubai’s Jabal Ali port, citing eyewitnesses. The explosion took place on Thursday morning at a time when differences between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over increased oil production and exports escalated. And shortly before, Saudi Arabia has ordered its supported forces in Yemen to attack Dubai-backed forces and remove them from the coastal areas.

An Iraqi source has reported that the explosion happened near the clubhouse. Preliminary reports suggest oil reserves in the Jabal Ali port have been targeted.

Associated Press also reported that several houses in the city were shaken by the explosion at Dubai’s Jabal Ali port. Sources said that efforts are on to douse the fire.

The explosion at the Jabal Ali port has sparked a war between the UAE and Saudi Arabia on cyberspace and social media. Saudi social media users are running a campaign to boycott Emirati products with the hashtag Jabal Ali.

The differences between the two countries, once allies in the attack on Yemen, have increased in recent times, and these differences have escalated beyond Yemen to the stage of oil war. After growing differences and attack on the major port and targeting Dubai’s oil reserves, what will be the response of Dubai, only time will tell, but it is certain that the only winner of the battle between the two major and richest countries of Arab will be Israel. Israel by dissolution power of Islamic countries Will strengthen its position, and under the cover of war will put pressure on Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel like Dubai


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