Israeli investment in Nigeria, goals and threats -1

Israeli investment in Nigeria, goals and threats
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Apart from petroleum and agriculture, Israel is also investing in Nigeria’s construction, defense and banking sectors. the question is what are the Israeli goal of these investments

One of the pillars of Israel’s foreign policy is the increase of relations with the African countries, which have long been known as rich reserves of diamond mines and pristine agricultural lands and land and underground resources and minerals. Over the years, Tel Aviv has tried to expand its influence among the countries that continue to resist Israel, with all possible means and political and diplomatic potential.

In African countries, Nigeria has its own special significance with a population of 200 million and a rich wealth of oil and gas. Israel has understood the importance of Nigeria and has made every effort to strengthen its relations with this country, in recent times Israeli companies have been present in Nigeria’s oil industry, from agriculture and minerals.

Nigeria and Israel first established relations in 1960 after Nigeria’s independence. After thirteen years of progress, relations were suspended due to the Yom Kippur War. However, relations were restored in 1992, and an embassy in Israel opened in 1993. With over 50 Israeli businesses investing in Nigeria, a Memorandum of Interest (MOU) between the two nations was signed in 2006. Since then, communication between Israel and Nigeria has been fluid, especially with the emergence of the Nigerian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria and the Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce in Israel.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Israel played an important role in the development of sub-Saharan Africa, providing hundreds of Israeli experts and volunteers to help develop and modernize agriculture, education, medicine, and modern technology for farmers, educators, academics, doctors and engineers were sent to Nigeria.

More than 50 Israeli companies currently operate in Nigeria in the fields of construction, infrastructure, advanced technology, communications and information technology, agriculture, and water management. Nigeria is one of the top importers of Israeli goods.

Israeli Embassy and Development of Economic Relations

The Israeli embassy in Nigeria sought to develop bilateral relations by establishing an economic platform as part of an effort to deepen bilateral relations, allowing Nigerian and Israeli businessmen to make mutual investments.

Investment of Israeli companies

In recent years, the expansion of Israeli-Nigerian relations has led to the influx of countless Israeli companies into Nigeria, which has led to an increase in trade between the two sides.

Culturally, we have seen Nigerian Christians travel to visit the Holy Land with Israeli tours over the years.

Israel has given special importance to Nigeria’s agriculture for investment. Deputy Head of the Israeli Mission to Nigeria, Yotam Kreiman, told reporters in an interview that in the agriculture innovative seminar held last year, fifty different Nigerian start-up companies were expected but about 1,100 companies showed interest. He added that Israel ended up having 90 start- ups companies to which it has given training, adding value to their skill among other investments.

Diplomatic crisis between Israel and Poland; government summoned Israeli ambassadors

The Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Shimon Ben-Shoshan said: “Agriculture technology is very important and most Nigerians miss out on the prospects inherent in it. I recommend agri-tech, it can help farmers to do better, just as water-tech, which is another issue globally.

“Nigeria is blessed with a wide range of land and all you have to do is invest in agriculture.

“It is not enough to teach farmers, but teach the people,” Ben-Shoshan said.

“We are a country that is two-third agriculture driven; we do not have water, we are like the northern part of Nigeria and we found a way to take that as an advantage.

Security and intelligence cooperation

Security and intelligence cooperation between Nigeria and Israel is extensive, and the Zionists have a lot of influence in Nigeria’s military, intelligence and security apparatus. In this regard, we can refer to the secret $ 40 million contract that Abuja signed with the Israeli company “Albit Beit”, according to which the Israeli company collects information and provides national security to the government of this country by providing access to computers.

Cooperation in Petroleum Industry

Nigeria and Israel have signed a bilateral agreement on methanol fuel production technology in 2020.

on signing the agreement Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Shimon Shoshan said: Israel would be willing to share its know- how and expertise on methanol fuel technology with Nigeria.

Apart from petroleum and agriculture, Israel is also investing in Nigeria’s construction, defense and banking sectors.

But the question is what is the goal of these investments, we will bring the answer to this question in next article and show what Israel wants to achieve through investment in African countries especially Nigeria.


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