Natural Remedies: Does Bitter Kola cure cough?

Natural Remedies: Does Bitter Kola cure cough?

Bitter Kola can be used to cure cough. Read how you can do that. Bitter Kola contains properties like ethanol and aqueous extracts that have been scientifically proven to have antibacterial and antifungal qualities similar to antibiotics

Apart from the discomfort, letting cough linger for long is not good for your health.

Sometimes you might not want to take pharmaceutical drugs, bitter kola is an easy remedy.

Ways to administer Bitter Kola

Most times just chewing bitter kola alone is enough to release its antioxidant qualities but as the name implies it is bitter so most people wouldn’t like to take it just like that

 Blend about 8 pieces of kola nut and mix with it with half a bottle of honey

Chew kola nut with any candy that has menthol. Menthol can be used as a treatment for cough caused by a common cold. It works by helping to quell the cough by blocking the cold receptors in the nose.

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