Kayaking is fun, 2 Nigerians talk about their experiences

Kayaking is fun, 2 Nigerians talk about their experiences

It’s so easy to run out of outing ideas. We Outside are a content series that helps you with ideas for what to do for a fun outing. It’s a series of places to go to and things to do if you want to have fun in town. Life is supposed to be full of adventures. If your city has some places, you can go kayaking, try it this weekend.

How many times would you go to a beach, club, or restaurant? Kayaking is you (and someone else sometimes) rowing a boat in a shallow stream and pond.

The awesome thing about Kayaking is that it is a way to reconnect with nature and reflect.

I know Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja have places for kayaking.

  • Go kayaking alone or with friends

I spoke with Nonso and Christiana who have gone Kayaking in Abuja and Lagos, respectively.

Nonso went kayaking at Chartered Farms, National Stadium Sports ground “I went with 3 of my friends We went on a weekday, so it was N1,000 for an hour. Weekends it is for N2,000. I do not know if they would have changed the price. Because I went in November 2019″

  • Chinonso and her friend’s kayaking

“It is advisable to wear shorts when going just so you do not get wet.”

I asked her if she was afraid and she said; “Yes at first because you do it on your own. The instructor will show you how but then leave you to move with it. It is for you to find your balance, so you don’t tumble. After some minutes, the fear left, and I started moving comfortably and confidently. The boat can just accommodate only one person for balance.”

She could not just begin like that. She had some important instructions given to her. She was told to “Try to make sure you are balanced. Pedal the boat paddle left and right for movement. Depending on how you want to turn the pedal left or right. Try not to collide with the other riders”

“It was for an hour and the pace of the boat depended on how fast I pedaled. I started slowly then started moving a bit.”

Christiana went to La Campagne Tropicana with her best friend and it was part of the things they could try out while in the resort. She said she wasn’t scared, and she always wanted to try it. She thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind trying it again.



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