5 foods to avoid if you have stomach ulcer

5 foods to avoid if you have stomach ulcer

Trying to manage or heal stomach ulcers? See foods to stay away from as an ulcer patient… Ulcer happens when painful sore forms around the stomach which happens when the thick layer of mucus meant to protect the stomach digestive juices is reduced in which case, the digestive acids eat away the tissues lining the stomach!

Stomach ulcers can be cured if prompt attention is paid to them (in form of drugs, lifestyle management amongst other things, another thing that helps to keep an ulcer in check is the type of food one eats.

In ulcer patients, some foods are best avoided so as not to keep irritating the already sore area:


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1. Spicy Seasonings/Foods

Spicy foods irritate the lining of the stomach and by extension the sore area. Spicy foods are also known to make ulcer symptoms worse in some cases.

2. Coffee

Coffee actually doesn’t cause ulcers but irritates them. The caffeine present in coffee erodes the already sore area (ulcer) making it worse and if the goal is to heal the ulcer, it is best to stay away from coffee or reduce taking it to the barest minimum.

3. Alcohol

An ulcer patient should avoid alcohol/alcoholic beverages as a whole. Alcohol intake increases the stomach’s acid level making the ulcer worse and healing almost impossible.

4. Red Meat

Ulcer patients (especially peptic) should stay away from red meat! Red meat takes longer to digest making acid levels in the stomach rise which irritates the area and worsens the symptoms. This can be replaced with chicken, turkey, and other lean proteins.

5. Refined Foods

Pasta, white bread sugar, and more processed foods should be replaced with leafy greens and vegetables, antioxidants loaded fruits with lots of water.



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