Nigerian Police ‘Rescue Me’ app, 3 other security apps for emergencies

Being security conscious can help you avoid situations that might put you in danger because disaster can happen even in the most ordinary moments.

This is not to say that everyone should constantly live in terror but the high rate of insecurity in the country is a primary reason for people to pay more attention to their safety.

Security and emergency apps should be among the primary apps on your mobile phone as they can be a critical lifesaver in emergency situations, helping to alert others of your location.

Here are some handy security apps that you can get on your smartphone.

Sety app

The Sety app is redefining emergency reporting by creating a community for people to look out for one another. The app alerts you when you are heading into a current danger zone within a specified mile radius around you. Danger zones are temporary places where a dangerous event occurred.

The platform also alerts your circle members and keeps the help alert open for 1 hour on the free account, and indefinitely on the paid account.

If no one is available in your circle, or around you at the time, a dedicated Sety Hero is also assigned to you on the paid account, who will ensure you are not alone until help arrives.

How Sety app works

Sety notifies your circle members and keeps the help request open for 1 hour, while communication can occur in real-time between all notified parties. The platform also:

  • Broadcasts emergencies to your circle and people around you;
  • Sends your incidents to the relevant rapid response unit for support;
  • Alerts and keeps you updated when you are approaching a danger zone; and
  • Frequently updates you on daily security and safety tips.

The platform has a subscription plan for Basic and Premium users, costing $1.99 and $4.99 respectively.

On the paid account, the platform notifies your circle member (via push notification and SMS) and also people around. The app designates a Sety Hero to ensure you are safe and not alone while help arrives. The app is available on Playstore and Apple store.


Aabo is a next-generation emergency application that enables you to communicate an emergency and get help. With Aabo, you can add multiple emergency contacts that should be notified when you report an emergency. Aabo will use your device’s internet connection to communicate your emergency information.

How Aabo works

You can use Aabo to communicate your location and emergency type to your emergency contact(s). Aabo will allow you to send an SMS if your emergency contacts are not on Aabo.

With Aabo:

  • You are always logged in so you never miss an important emergency alert.
  • The platform doesn’t charge any fee so you don’t have to pay to report and receive emergency alerts.
  • You can also use the platform to check on people you care about.
  • Aabo offers the option to add your emergency contacts who will be notified when you are in distress.
  • Aabo shares your location, emergency type, name, and phone number and how to reach you with your emergency contact(s).

You can download Aabo on Google Playstore and Apple store.

NPF rescue app

The NPF rescue me app is designed to handle emergencies for you as it collects the information needed by the command and control unit to know about you, your situation, and location before dispatching aid your way.

The app allows users to share their personal information such as name, medical information, address, and location with the operators at the command and control unit of the Nigerian Police Force who then send out the needed help so that absolute safety for you, your family and property is ensured.

How the NPF rescue me app works

  • The NPF rescue me app has an emergency button, once triggered, it will automatically send an alert to the Nigeria Police Force command and control team where trained operators will track your location with GPS and dispatch the necessary help your way.
  • The app highlights 8 different types of alerts in emergency cases like homicide, medical situation, rape, assault robbery, kidnapping, domestic threat, burglary, and violence.
  • This app is taking crime combat and response to emergencies to an entirely new level as it is set to ensure rapid and immediate reaction of the Nigeria Police Force to any situation you or someone you know find themselves.
  • If you ever get lost and need the right guide to ascertain your location and route, the navigation feature will pinpoint your current location and accurately guide you to your destination using GPS.
    You can download the app on Google Playstore and the Apple store.


Emro is a mobile and web platform designed to envisage the emergency shortcomings of our environment, it has been built to provide subscribers with access to quick and effective emergency response service (online and offline panic).

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Emro provides subscribers with quick emergency medical and armed response services. They also provide other value-added services including danger zone notifications and safety tips.

How Emro Works

  • Subscriber panics using the app;
  • Emro command centre receives the panic;
  • Emro command centre calls subscriber and verifies panic;
  • Emro command centre assigns response team to help the subscriber; and
  • Response team rescues subscriber.

Bottom Line
It is crucial to make personal safety a top priority and there are a number of mobile apps that can connect people with security agencies when the need arises.


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