American Rabbi calls American Jews: Stop Funding “Jewish Terrorism.”

American Rabbi calls American Jews: Stop Funding Jewish Terrorism


American rabbi Jill Jacobs calls US Jews to stop funding what he calls “Jewish terrorism” (violent acts of right-wing Jewish extremists against Palestinians backed by a complex network of funding sources in Israel and the United States).

“Stopping the financing of ‘Jewish terrorism’ is a ‘moral obligation,'” Jill Jackson said.

In an article in the Haaretz newspaper, Jackson said that most of their American Jews do not support financially or financially aid organizations to extremist groups in Israel, however, some “major” Jewish organizations in The United States is seen as involved in transferring funds to the “Israel Central Fund,” which finances most Israeli extremists.

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she writes:

Many of us watched in horror as right-wing Jewish youth marched from Zion Square to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah two weeks ago, chanting “Death to Arabs” and assaulting Palestinian residents, in an event organized by Lehava, a violent Jewish extremist organization.

This violence was planned, in part, on WhatsApp groups whose administrators include newly elected Member of Knesset Itamar Ben Gvir of the Otzma Yehudit political party connected to Lehava.


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