Rev Mbaka replies presidency on contract allegation, says he was only trying to help Nigeria

Rev Mbaka replies presidency on contract allegation, says he was only trying to help Nigeria

The priest scolds the Buhari presidency for not understanding what a reward mechanism means. Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka of the Enugu-based Adoration Ministry has admitted that he took three white men with him to meet President Muhammadu Buhari for a contract to secure Nigeria.

On April 30, 2021, the presidency had issued a statement to say the priest, who has been a supporter of President Buhari, turned against the president recently because he was refused juicy federal government contracts.

“Here is the point of departure: Father Mbaka asked for a meeting and to the shock of presidential aides, he came accompanied by three contractors. The president graciously allowed them in, and to everyone’s surprise, Father Mbaka asked for contracts as compensation for his support,” Garba Shehu, the president’s spokesperson, wrote in the statement.

“Inside the Villa, discretion prevailed, that if those pictures and requests were made public, the followers will turn against the religious leader. None of it was released. Now, this is what is eating Father Mbaka,” the statement concluded.

In transcripts from his sermon published by TheCable, Rev Mbaka was quoted as saying that: “When they talked about giving Father Mbaka contracts, I don’t want to talk about that, I was laughing. It is a laughable, childish accusation. Whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and shame to the people he is representing.


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“The three men he talked about, I am not here to defend anybody’s stupid allegation, but God used that man (Shehu) to tell the world that Buhari’s government is not giving me money.

“Shehu, may God bless you for telling everybody that you are not giving me a contract. And these are the three men that we brought that will handle insecurity for the country; they had the gadgets. The white people had the facilities. That was during the first administration.

“They said they will help them in conquering insecurity. They had the platform to end insecurity in this country under one month; under Abba Kyari (the president’s late Chief of Staff). I just handed them over to the government people. They denied them of these.

“I don’t even know these people. They just came to Enugu and said, can I help them reach the government, that the level of insecurity in this country and how Nigeria has been shipping their oil out, refining and bringing them back, that we are losing.

“That they have all it takes to revive the oil apparatus in the country and get the whole youths employed and the issue of insecurity will die. These are the three people they rejected their offer since they know how to talk,” Mbaka said.

‘Are they better than me?’
Mbaka also scolded the presidency for not having a reward mechanism for supporters.

“All the people they have been giving contracts, are they better than me? Am I begging them, do they know how many people I feed? Fortunately, they reported that they denied me of the contract — which contract?”, he asked.

“And even the people they are talking about that went there, I didn’t even discuss one percent of ‘if you get this contract’; contract of securing the country? What am I going to gain from it? As if to say when he pushes that, Father Mbaka is no longer a Nigerian.

“They have shown that they don’t have what they will call, reward mechanism. If Shehu is a human… I don’t even know who the Shehu is. He should be apologizing that by now, they have not come down to say Nagode Allah for surviving whatever they are passing through.

“The last person this administration should fight is Father Mbaka talking here because if they speak against me, the anger of heaven will be upon them and how they will end will shock everybody,” he said.

The governing APC had promised to report Mbaka to Pope Francis if he doesn’t stop talking. Mbaka said that would be a good thing for him.

“If Rome hears that Father Mbaka is challenging evil governance, Rome will clap for me, so quickly go to Rome,” he said.

“Why I don’t want them even to report this to Rome is because if pope hears the extent of my involvement, they may give me a position I may not like. Do you want to report Messi to FIFA that he plays too much ball? They will make him soccer ambassador,” the controversial priest blared.


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