Nakba Day: How did Israel’s cancerous tumor form in the Middle East region?

Nakba day; On May 14, 1948, Israel officially declared its existence; An event that was predictable after the British occupation of Palestine during the First World War and the issuance of a famous document known as the “Balfour Declaration” by the British in 1917.

This day has been named by the Palestinian people as “Yum al-Nakba” (Day of the Nakba); an action approved by Muslims; However, reactionary Arab leaders prefer to continue their compromise process against Israel.

“Nakbat Day” is an opportunity to revisit the history of Israel’s formation; How the Israel laid the foundation stone of the cancerous tumor of Israel on the bed of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, which was known as the “sick man of Europe” in the last years of its life.

Nakba day; The Roots of a rootless history

The history of the creation of Israel, which can be called the “history of the Nakbat”, is neither long nor rooted, contrary to the claims of the Israeli Jews and their Western supporters. The Israelis suffered from a major challenge from the very beginning of their political activities in the last years of the 19th century, which led to the formation of the “Ball” Congress in Switzerland (1897); they lacked the background and historical credibility necessary to attract the attention of world Jews.

Theodore Hertzel, their first theoretician, had such a problem shaping his thoughts that he had to follow the views of “Cecil Rhodes”, one of the most prominent leaders of British colonialism in the African continent, instead of the Jewish scriptures; He wrote to him and presented his thoughts not as a racial and religious point of view, but as a “colonial” thought, in other words, the Israelis set out to colonize Palestine and what they put forth as the dream of a Jewish state was just a propaganda show.

With the establishment of the “Jewish Agency” and the start of colonial efforts in Palestine under British occupation, which was managed by “Herbert Samuel”, an English Jew and supporter of Israeli ideas, they started thinking about making history; A wave of falsification of past events started among their writings.

The book “History of Zionism” written by Nahum Sokoloff, a Polish Israeli, introduces almost all the figures in the history of the Jewish religion as Zionists; Take Prophet Joshua to Moses Montefiore in the 19th century and the Kilimi families living in Damascus and Jerusalem, who had lived peacefully alongside Muslims for centuries.

We should consider Sokolov as one of the theorists of “Doomsday”; He had a key role in issuing the Balfour Declaration and even the name “Tel Aviv” was chosen by Sokolov for this city, which later became the center of Israel’s activity, although he died in 1936 and did not witness the realization of the “Day of Nakbat”.

 A rotten rope for the Jews

The falsification of history by this group was repeated in later periods and on different occasions; Israelis like Isaac Shamir, who had a history of collaborating with Hitler to transfer German Jews to Palestine, claimed that the Palestinian people, that is, those who previously “did not exist at all!” They cooperate with the Nazis, and for this reason, the presence of Israel in this land must be approved and supported by the Allies.

The Allies, especially the Americans, welcomed this approach; Maybe to stop the flood of Jewish immigrants from Europe to America; Israel’s attempt to attract European Jewish immigrants to Palestine did not work very well and more than 90% of them preferred not to go to the bottom of the well with the rotten rope of the Israelis. In Iraq and Iran, where the Jewish minorities assumed themselves to be a part of their country of residence and subject to it, Israelis began to assassinate important figures who opposed them and created an atmosphere of terror. The victims were mainly Jewish religious and scientific figures. In his famous book “History of an Apostasy”, Roger Gardway discussed these actions in detail.

Cut ears and noses…

With this widespread propaganda, the Israelis were able to increase their population in Palestine. Knowledgeable people such as Ezzeddin Qassam, who knew the content of such movements, started an armed uprising against Britain and Israel, but Britain suppressed them.

With the end of the Second World War, Israelis, for their legitimacy, learned the story of the Holocaust, while the real Holocaust was taking shape in Palestine. The “Deir Yassin” massacre led by Menachem Begin, who later became the Prime Minister of Israel, is just a small example.

They committed strange crimes to create terror among the Palestinians and force them to leave their homes. What “Harun Yahya” mentioned in the book “Fundamentals of Freemasonry” and published its terrible pictures, can show the dimensions of this violence; The Israelis killed everyone and sent a few people with their noses and ears cut off to the next villages to tell the rest, if you stay, this will be the case.

 In the shadow of indifference

Of course, the Day of Nakbat did not occur only in the shadow of the anti-human activities of the Israelis and the all-around support of the Westerners; The Islamic world was also in a deep slumber so that the Israelis would commit any crime against humanity.


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