Museveni, Nigerian professor discuss youth skilling

Museveni, Nigerian professor discuss youth skilling

In a move aimed at empowering the youth and revitalizing agriculture, President Yoweri Museveni has engaged with Prof.

Vincent Chinedu Anigbogu, a prominent human capital development expert, in productive discussions at the State House in Entebbe.

The meeting focused on exploring a multitude of projects and investment opportunities that could benefit Uganda, with special emphasis on an innovative youth skilling program in agriculture.

During the discussions, the spotlight was on an agricultural training initiative that employs one- and four-acre farming models, designed to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability among the youth.

President Museveni extended a warm welcome to the Nigerian expert, affirming the government’s commitment to fully support the successful implementation of Prof. Anigbogu’s programs in Uganda.

Prof. Vincent Chinedu Anigbogu shared that the initial phase of the youth training program would target individuals from the Eastern region of Uganda, with plans to expand to other parts of the country subsequently.

This strategic approach aims to pilot the program in a focused area before a broader rollout.

Further solidifying the collaborative nature of this initiative, the program will be conducted in partnership with Busitema University’s Arapai Campus and is expected to extend to other academic institutions and local governments in later stages.

This initiative marks a significant step towards integrating entrepreneurship into the agricultural sector.

Dr. Monica Musenero, Uganda’s Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation, expressed optimism about the program’s potential to boost productivity.
She highlighted the importance of transitioning from traditional farming methods to value-added agricultural practices, thereby putting scientific principles into practical application.

Prof. Vincent Chinedu Anigbogu, known for his advocacy for educational and leadership transformation in Africa, is keen on addressing contemporary challenges through educational reforms.

His involvement in this program underscores a shared vision with Uganda’s leadership to harness the potential of the youth in driving agricultural innovation and economic growth.


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