Popular footballer arrested over robbery 

Popular footballer arrested over robbery 

The 26-year-old footballer was arrested over the robbery in which a woman was shot dead and her husband left with serious injuries

Police have arrested 26-year-old footballer, Byron Billy Owuor over the killing of a businesswoman who was gunned down during a robbery incident in Kisumu.

The former Kisumu All Stars FC player was smoked out of his hideout in Obunga area of Kisumu after months of hiding during which detectives investigating the matter closed in on him after linking him to the crime that left the 23-year-old businesswoman dead and her husband seriously injured.

The slain woman identified as Grace Awino Adero operated an Mpesa shop within Kondele area, before two armed merchants of death accosted her and her husband on January 27, robbing them off the day’s proceeds and shooting her dead.

“The cold-blooded killers who were believed to be members of a larger gang then escaped on an unmarked motorcycle, joining the rest of the gang at a hideout in Kasagam, Kisumu county.

“Hours later, Kasagam police on beat patrol spotted and challenged five occupants of a suspicious saloon car (KDL 301P Toyota Axio) found parked at a concealed place, but who beetled off abandoning the vehicle.” DCI detailed in a statement.

Detectives took up the matter and managed to dismantle the criminal gang behind the incident after months of investigations.

“The suspects then holed up for months until April 18 when one suspect – Byron Billy Owuor, 26 and a former footballer for the Kisumu Allstars Club – was smoked out of his hideout at Obunga in Kasarani area of Kisumu Central by Kondele-based police.” Added the statement.

He was arraigned at the Winam Senior Principal Magistrate’s Court where detectives were granted 14 days to conclude the investigation.

Police crack down on notorious city gang, leader arrested

Investigations led police to Robert Wakolo Okoth alias Michael Osama, believed to be the mastermind behind the criminal operations of the syndicate and the ring leader.

A raid at the suspect’s home saw police seize an AK47 magazine loaded with 30 rounds of 7.62*39mm ammunitions, 6 rounds of .38 special ammunition fired by pistols, five ID cards belonging to different persons, a Kenya Armed Forces Comrades Association card, mobile phone and a green camouflage bag.

The sting operation also saw the suspected ring leader’s 17-year-old brother believed to be a member of the gang also arrested.

Investigation is ongoing with detectives pursuing the prime suspect and remaining gang members whose identities have since been established.


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