ABC News: at least 9 Iranian missiles hit 2 Israeli bases

at least 9 Iranian missiles hit 2 Israeli bases

A senior American official said that at least 9 Iranian missiles passed through the air defense system of the Israeli regime and hit 2 air bases of this regime.

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According to this report, this senior American official, whose name has not been revealed, told ABC network on Sunday night. ABC News said that at least 9 Iranian missiles that passed through Israel’s air defense system hit and damaged 2 Israeli air bases.

at least 9 Iranian missiles hit 2 Israeli bases

Iranian missiles hit Navatim Air Base

This American official, who is leaking the damage statistics of Iran’s retaliatory operation, noted that five ballistic missiles hit Israel’s Navatim Air Base and damaged a C-130 transport plane.

According to him, four other ballistic missiles also hit the second airbase in the Negev, but no report of its damage has been published yet.

Biden tells Netanyahu US would not take part in Israeli counter strike against Iran

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, IRGC on Saturday night, April 13, published a press notice about the “True Promise” operation and the firing of dozens of drones and missiles towards the occupied territories and positions of the Israeli regime with the aim of punishing Tel Aviv for the regime’s missile attack on the Iranian consulate In Syria.

Will America support Israel in attacking Iran?

In a statement issued late yesterday following the attacks, Biden said he told Netanyahu that Israel had “demonstrated a remarkable capacity to defend against and defeat even unprecedented attacks.”

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President Joe Biden and senior members of his national security team, seeking to contain the risk of a wider regional war following a barrage of Iranian missiles and drones directed toward Israel, have told their counterparts the US will not participate in any offensive action against Iran, according to US officials familiar with the matter.

In a conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Saturday, Biden sought to frame Israel’s successful interception of the Iranian onslaught as a major victory — with the suggestion that further Israeli response was unnecessary.


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