You should avoid boat rides for these 5 reasons

You should avoid boat rides for these 5 reasons

In movies and music videos, boat rides seem to be very merry and exciting, but are they You’ve probably heard that boat rides are the best way to travel.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid boat rides

1. Many of the boats do not pass the safety test
Many of these boats are old and poorly maintained, as well as overcrowded. Some boats are also not designed for the water conditions, which can often be rough with strong winds and high waves that can capsize a boat if it is overloaded or poorly constructed.

To add to that, when the boat overturns due to strong winds or poor visibility at night, many people drown because they don’t know how to swim or don’t have access to life jackets because the boat owners tried to cut costs.

2. Inexperienced boat operators
When disaster strikes, it’s important for everyone involved to stay calm and follow instructions from the boat operator. Sadly, many operators do not have enough experience on the water to know what to do during an emergency situation.

These operators have never had any kind of training in water safety, so if something goes wrong, they may panic and make things worse, or even abandon ship without thinking about their customers’ safety first. This can lead to serious consequences for all passengers aboard.

3. You could be stranded for hours
A boat ride is not like a bus or train where you can check the timetable and know exactly when to board. This is because boats are not scheduled and you cannot be sure when you will get to your destination. Sometimes, the boat will leave only after it has been filled with passengers; other times, it may be delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions.

In some cases, the trip may have already begun, only for the boat to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded until another boat arrives, which might take up to one hour or more.

4. No toilet facilities
Some of the boats don’t have adequate toilet facilities; some don’t even have toilets at all and you don’t want to get stuck on boats like that.

If you must go on boat rides, then make sure to carry a hand sanitiser with you at all times. Also pack some wet wipes so when there is no access to clean water or soap, at least your hands will be clean after using the bathroom.

5. Seasickness
If you suffer from sea sickness, or if you’re prone to it, there is no way a boat ride will be a pleasant experience for you. Even if you take medication, you may still get sick on the water.

As a matter of fact, if you have motion sickness or motion intolerance, then you should perhaps consider skipping boat rides entirely, especially if there’s an alternative means of transportation available.


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