Former Chelsea star seeks divorce after learning children were fathered by wife’s ex

Former Chelsea star seeks divorce after learning children were fathered by wife's ex

Geremi, a former Chelsea player has initiated divorce proceedings after discovering that the two children he raised were fathered by his wife’s ex-partner.

According to reports from the Sun, the twins, born to the player’s wife, Laure, were conceived during a previous relationship, unbeknownst to the player.

Court documents from Cameroon detail the dissolution of the marriage, citing the wife’s actions as having “destroyed the harmony” of their union through her “abject behavior” and repeated dishonesty. The documents also assert that no children were born from their marriage.

The revelation has left the former Chelsea midfielder, Geremi, reeling from the emotional shock of the discovery.

His wife had initially claimed that the twins, born in June 2008, were his, leading to their marriage. However, Geremi, 45, has been deeply affected by the disclosure, describing his wife’s actions as causing significant psychological harm.

During his time at Chelsea from 2003 to 2007, Geremi clinched two Premier League titles. The midfielder, who also represented Real Madrid, Middlesbrough on loan, and Newcastle, amassed over 100 appearances for the Cameroon national team.

His illustrious career includes winning the Africa Cup of Nations twice and claiming an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000.



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