These buildings that look like human body parts

These buildings that look like human body parts

Which of these buildings would you like to visit? Over the years, humans have always thought of different ways to draw inspiration when it comes to architectural designs.

This inspiration has extended to human body parts, with some buildings designed to look like parts of the human.

Here are five buildings from around the world that look like body parts;

1. The Marilyn Monroe buildings, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

In Canada, there is the Absolute Towers – a group of residential towers, some 50 and 56 stories high, that are shaped like a woman. These buildings were designed by Beijing-based architect, Ma Yansong, and his firm, MAD Architects.

They have an undulating shape and locals soon started calling them the Marilyn Monroe building in honour of the former movie star’s famous buxom shape.

2. Qatar’s World Cup Stadium, Qatar

It is quite unusual that the female genitalia will be the inspiration when you think of designing a stadium. But when you search the internet for buildings shaped like a vagina, Qatar’s World Cup stadium always appears and the pictures definitely show this.

However, AECOM, the firm handling the construction, has said that the resemblance of this stadium to a vagina was accidental. According to them, the stadium was inspired by “the dhow boat that carried generations of local fishermen and pearl divers.”

3. Corpus Building, Oegstgeest, Netherlands

In Europe, there is a museum in the Netherlands that is dedicated to Human Biology and designed accordingly. From the entrance that looks like you’re going in between a man’s legs to the giant sore located on what looks like a knee and a tongue-shaped trampoline, the Corpus building definitely has parts of the human body all over its design.

4. Ypsilanti Water Tower, Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

There are quite a lot of buildings that are shaped like a penis around the world and the Ypsilanti Water Tower is one of them. The 147 ft.

tall Tower was erected in 1889 and locals who refer to this tower as “brick dick” even believe that it will most likely crumble if a virgin ever graduates from nearby Eastern Michigan University.

This particular architectural design is so special that in a contest by Cabinet Magazine, it was named “The Most Phallic Building In The World” beating out thousands of competitors.

5. Yunnan Shopping Mall, Kunming, China

Located in southern China is a 11-story mobile phone shopping mall that became popular for its button-shaped windows and a penthouse office floor that looks out through the screen.

This building also stands out as it has a blue hand that appears to be holding the phone, a part that is actually part of the building and not just a mural.

There you have it, five buildings that look like body parts. Which of these buildings would you like to visit?


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