Words cannot describe horror, terror in Gaza – MSF

MSF: Words cannot describe horror, terror in Gaza
MSF: Words cannot describe horror, terror in Gaza

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization has expressed “horror” about the dire situation of the Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip, saying the proportions of death and destruction are indescribable.

“We no longer have words to describe the horror of what is happening today in Gaza,” the charity that provides humanitarian medical care said on Tuesday.

For nearly 3 months, the Israeli regime forces have been pounding the Palestinian territories from air, land, and sea, leveling homes and buildings in one of the most densely populated regions to the ground.

Guillemette Thomas, the medical coordinator of the MSF mission in Palestine, warned that the Zionist war machine’s cutting-off of access to food and water was targeting the civilians, exacerbating the horrible situation to biblical proportions, unprecedented in recent times.

“Today, access to food is excessively complicated,” she said, adding that there is no drinking water. “It’s obviously a source of illness and diarrhea.”

She confirmed that the Zionist regime forces had blocked roads and transportation across the besieged Palestinian land and called for immediate action.

“We must allow humanitarian aid actors to work,” the MSF coordinator explained, noting that, “We cannot imagine increasing humanitarian aid if it does not reach the population.”

“The problem is that the intensity of the fighting is such that humanitarian organizations are unable to deploy aid,” Thomas insisted, reiterating earlier testimonies regarding the difficulty of relief operations under Israeli forces’ relentless fire.

She said access to medical care is excessively difficult as the entire health system is on its knees after being targeted by the Zionist war machine. The MSF official said health structures had been targeted by the Zionists who deliberately aimed for ambulances, hospitals, and clinics.

“Today, health structures that should be spared in any conflict are deliberately targeted. Which further hinders the possibility of providing aid to this population”, she noted.

“All patients with chronic illnesses today have no access to care and die at home beyond the radar and outside of all the statistics,” the MSF official pointed out.

“From a practical point of view, we, those involved in humanitarian aid, are unable to deploy our aid because we are unable to communicate with each other, to mobilize the resources necessary for the deployment of this humanitarian aid. It is extremely complicated to work today in these conditions,” she revealed.

Thomas said there is very little hope for an end to the Zionist genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, or a ceasefire and the removal of the blockade, in order to save the lives of the hapless Palestinians trapped in the region.

“Honestly, I don’t have much hope. We are extremely worried. Gazans are totally desperate. This is what we see clearly on the ground. This is a situation that is unimaginable. We no longer have words to describe the horror of what is happening today in Gaza,” she concluded.

Gaza health authorities have put the Palestinian death toll since Oct. 7 now close to 21,000, with most of the dead being women and children.


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