Yemenis hold rally against war of Gaza, US aggression

Yemenis hold rally against war of Gaza, US aggression
Yemenis hold rally against war of Gaza, US aggression

Thousands of Yemenis rallied nationwide in solidarity with Palestinians amidst Israeli attacks on Gaza, demanding a lasting ceasefire and vowing to respond to potential US aggression.

Pro-Palestine demonstrations surged across Yemen on Friday, spanning various provinces including Sa’ada, Hajjah, al-Jawf, Hudaydah, Dhamar, al-Bayda, Ma’rib, and Ta’izz, with protesters denouncing Israeli offenses against Gazans.

The death toll from Israeli atrocities has exceeded 20,000 Palestinians since October 7, prompting fervent condemnation and slogans against Israel and its key ally, the United States.

Yemeni demonstrators vocalized a commitment to defend their nation against any potential aggression. Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, affirmed the readiness of the Yemeni Armed Forces to retaliate against any nation allowing US-led military action in Yemen’s airspace.

Speaking to Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV, he warned against enabling airstrikes and asserted the Yemeni forces’ focus on targeting Israeli-related ships, pledging safety to other merchant vessels traversing the Red Sea.

Al-Houthi blamed the US for supporting Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza, labeling the US-led maritime task force in the Red Sea as aimed at safeguarding Israel’s interests, not international maritime security.

Highlighting Yemen’s stance, he emphasized readiness to counter any potential American aggression, emphasizing the gravity of US militarization in the Red Sea and urging Saudi Arabia and the UAE to align with support for Palestinians rather than maintaining neutrality or supporting Israel.

He cautioned Saudi Arabia against siding with Israel, stressing that such an alliance would pose severe threats to the region. Additionally, he commended Egypt’s decision to abstain from the US-led Red Sea coalition, underscoring the need for solidarity against Israeli aggressions, which jeopardize regional stability.



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