Hezbollah shells 2 air defense platforms in northern Israel

Hezbollah shells 2 air defense platforms in northern Israel
Hezbollah shells 2 air defense platforms in northern Israel

Lebanese group Hezbollah said Monday that it had shelled two Iron Dome air defense platforms in northern Israel.

The clashes flare along Lebanese-Israeli border amid Gaza conflict

A brief statement by the group said the attack targeting the platforms in Kabri settlement resulted in “direct hits.”

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli army on the claim.

Tension has flared along the Lebanese-Israeli border amid intermittent exchange of fire between Hezbollah and Israeli forces in the deadliest clashes since the two sides fought a full-scale war in 2006.

At least 109 Hezbollah members have been killed since the clashes first erupted on Oct. 8, according to figures released by the group.

The border tension comes amid an Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip following a cross-border attack by Hamas on Oct. 7.

According to a report, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announces that its fighters attacked two Israeli Iron Dome batteries in northern occupied Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon on Monday attacked two Israeli Iron Dome batteries in the northern Israeli settlement of “Kabri” near the occupied Palestinian-Lebanese border area.

The Iron Dome is a mobile air defense missile system designed to intercept short-range missiles and artillery shells by Rafael, a company for advanced defense systems.

The necessity for an air defense system to shield “Israel” against short-range missiles arose following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in July 2006, when Hezbollah launched over 4,000 primarily short-range 122 MLM Grad rockets, most of which landed in northern occupied Palestine.

Interestingly, however, Hezbollah’s operation was carried out using artillery shells that rocked the Iron Dome batteries and all-out destroyed them.

An Al Mayadeen correspondent in southern Lebanon reported seeing projectiles being launched from Lebanon toward the upper al-Jalil opposite the central sector in northern occupied Palestine.

Subsequently, sirens were heard in the settlements of “Dishon”, al-Malikiya, “Yiftah”, and “Ramot Naftali”.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah issued several military statements on Sunday announcing the targeting of the Israeli occupation’s bases, sites, and infantry in the eastern and western sectors of the Israeli withdrawal line, also known as the Blue Line, through 10 different operations.

Operations on an uptick
The Islamic Resistance confirmed in its statements that the targetings of Israeli sites came in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and support of their valiant Resistance.

In the eastern sector, Hezbollah targeted a grouping of Israeli occupation vehicles and soldiers in the vicinity of the occupied Lebanese village of Hounin with appropriate weapons, marking direct hits.

In the western sector, it targeted the Israeli site, in Birket Risha, housing Israeli occupation forces. The operation resulted in confirmed casualties. Additionally, Hezbollah also struck a military infantry force in the vicinity of the kibbutz “Hanita” site.

The Resistance also monitored the entry of four Israeli occupation soldiers into a military post east of kibbutz “Sasa”, and targeted them using appropriate weapons and achieving confirmed casualties.

Similarly, the Resistance in Lebanon also targeted groupings of occupation soldiers in Mount “Har Addir” and the Jal al-Alam site.

Moreover, an Israeli occupation forces’ crane was also targeted while it was working on installing technical and espionage equipment on the “Doviv Farms”. Using appropriate weapons, the Israeli equipment was successfully destroyed.

The al-Raheb site was also targeted, in addition to a new command headquarters for the Israeli occupation forces near the “Evin Menachem” settlement. With the usage of appropriate weaponry, IOF members were confirmed either killed or wounded.

The Resistance also successfully targeted the “Avivim” barracks with appropriate weapons causing confirmed casualties.



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