Gaza truce: Israeli forces kills 2 Palestinian children in Jenin

Gaza truce: Israeli forces kills 2 Palestinian children in Jenin
Gaza truce: Israeli forces kills 2 Palestinian children in Jenin

At least 2 Palestinian children were tragically killed by Israeli forces in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank.

The young victims were Adam Al-Ghul, an 8-year-old who was shot in the head, and Basil Abu Al-Wafa, a 15-year-old shot in the chest.

Disturbing videos capture the moments they were shot and left bleeding on the street. These deaths highlight the volatility in Jenin, where Israeli military incursions frequently result in civilian casualties.

Jenin_TwoChildren_social - Palestine Chronicle

Witnesses report that the latest raid aimed to inflict significant infrastructure damage, tearing up roads, destroying water and electrical systems, and damaging buildings, further worsening the living conditions for the local population.

On Wednesday morning, Israeli occupation forces reportedly took aggressive actions in the city of Jenin and its camp, resulting in the tragic deaths of two Palestinian children, as reported by a Palestinian news agency.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the victims as Adam Samer Al-Ghoul, 9, and Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa, 15, affirming that they lost their lives due to gunfire from the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin.

The situation in Jenin escalated further as Israeli forces intensified their aggression in the camp. A significant part of this involved a large-scale arrest operation and the forceful evacuation of citizens from the Damj neighborhood, all occurring against a backdrop of violent confrontations.

Palestinian fighters, Hamas has warned Israel over breach of truce

Reports emerged that residents were compelled at gunpoint to leave their homes, following extensive destruction of houses and streets in the neighborhood. Moreover, a house was targeted and bombed by a drone.

The news outlet further detailed that Israeli forces executed a widespread arrest campaign within the camp, leading to heightened tensions in the area.

It was reported that an injured individual was apprehended from an ambulance while on the way to the hospital, adding another layer of concern to the unfolding events.

The Israeli military’s actions included the demolition of critical infrastructure in the camp, encompassing water, electricity, and sewage networks. Additionally, there were reports of damage to several vehicles in the process. This multi-faceted assault on the community has raised serious humanitarian concerns and escalated tensions in the region.



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