The Souda Bay base: US officers expose dark secrets of US-Israeli collaboration

Souda Bay base: Air Operations Center
Souda Bay base: Air Operations Center

The Souda Bay base: In an unprecedented action, a group of US military officers has revealed the country’s collaboration with Israel in the killing of civilians in Gaza.

This group of officers, who have also previously served in the war in Afghanistan, are increasingly disillusioned with the idea of supporting Israel in its ongoing war against Palestinian civilians.

Amid Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza, there have been reports that the US military is using the Souda Bay base in Greece to provide military and logistics support to Israel.

According to this revelation, Greek soil is being used to support crimes against the people of Gaza while the Greek people have widely supported the Palestinian people and expressed their clear opposition to the Gaza war.

According to reports, a group of US military officers who left Afghanistan two years ago were sent to the Souda Bay base in Greece after the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

They were unhappy with this assignment from the beginning and did not approve of the idea of helping Israel in the war.

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They were involved in supporting Israel with ISR (gathering information, gathering intelligence, phone tapping), but they quickly realized that Israel was committing war crimes against the Palestinian people, and protecting the lives of civilians in not important for Israel.

They realize that the US is giving Israel targeting data and information, with which Israel attacks these places and kills civilians at the same time.

This American exploitation of these officers in killing civilians has made them angry and afraid of killing civilians and complicity in war crimes.

Therefore, due to anger and dissatisfaction with this action of the United States and also because of the torment of conscience, they decided to expose it.

When these officials gave classified information to the American media channels refused to cooperate and expose these crimes.

Eventually, they contacted a trusted person and gave him information about the base and requested him to provide it to every reporter and news agency.

According to information provided to the whistleblower by US officials, the Souda Bay base has been used to monitor Russia’s activities in Syria, but after the start of the Israeli war against Gaza, the scope of its activities has increased and its main activities became the determination of targets for the Israeli army.

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The revelations state that CNN’s report that American drones are flying over Gaza to search for hostages is completely false.

All ISR resources are used to detect targets and provide this data to the Israeli military. All Hamas communications are listened to and the location of these communications is passed on to the Israeli military, and Israel then bombards these areas without regard to the presence of civilians around that target.

According to this revelation, Israel is not concerned about protecting the lives of civilians and it is clear that their intention is to make Gaza unliveable.

According to the person who disclosed this information, there are officers in the US Army for whom it is not logical to fight with Israel and help it.

They believe that Biden’s policies like Netanyahu’s pet dog will definitely bring bad reactions to America in the future.

According to these officials, morale at the base is low and Greeks marching in support of Palestine are becoming more hostile toward the American presence.

According to these officials, Greece sent a C-130 aircraft with humanitarian supplies to Gaza some time ago in order to pacify its people and conceal the Greek government’s support for US operations.

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Subsequently, the whistleblower sends photographs of the Souda Bay base in Greece and insists that this is controlled but unclassified information (CUI).

America does not want this information to be disclosed, which is why this base has been blurred even on Google map.

At the end of this revelation, it is said that these officers are looking for evidence to show Israel’s war crimes.

Photographs sent by US officials from the Souda Bay base in Greece;

Souda Bay base map
Souda Bay base map
Souda Bay base on Google map
Souda Bay base on Google map
Air Operations Center
Air Operations Center
Joint Operations Center
Joint Operations Center
Inside of the base
Inside the Souda Bay base
The computer and telecommunications station
The computer and telecommunications station at Souda Bay base

It is noteworthy that the Souda Bay Base is located on the Greek island of Crete and is responsible for all types of support for US forces on three continents. After the start of Israel’s war against Gaza, the activities of this base increased and according to evidence and reports received from inside Greece, the observation of American aircraft flying from this base is clear proof of this claim.


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