United States is ‘going to hell’ – Trump say

According to former president Donald Trump, the country is “going to hell” and the upcoming presidential election would be its final opportunity to change course.

On Thursday, Trump claimed that the United States is experiencing a rapid decline while speaking to SiriusXM satellite radio.

The leading Republican candidate for president in 2024 claimed that because the US “has one last chance,” the election is “the most crucial one we’ve ever had.”

Under President Joe Biden’s leadership, “our country is going bad, our country is being destroyed,” he declared.

We’re a country that is seriously deteriorating, but I believe I can quickly reverse that trend.”

The 77-year-old former president, who is being tried on several counts in US courts, said, “I have a great attitude, it doesn’t affect me at all because I’m fighting for the country, I’m fighting for the people.”

Trump reiterated his belief that Biden won’t seek re-election in 2024, citing the president’s alleged apparent ill health.

The 80-year-old Democratic president was described as being unable to speak by the man as he watched him yesterday. “It’s not an issue of age; it’s an issue of competence.”

The public is aware that the allegations are “false,” according to the former president, who added that the “good” polling results give him confidence that he will “win the election regardless of what happens.”

According to a survey released on Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, 62 percent of Republican voters want him to be their party’s nominee in 2024.

United States is 'going to hell' - Trump say


The poll indicates that Trump is only 1 percent behind Joe Biden, the current president, at this time.

As he continues his campaign, Trump is currently dealing with four criminal indictments in three different states as well as a number of civil lawsuits.

The accusations are related to his attempts to rig the 2020 election, his decision to hold onto sensitive documents after losing, and the hush money payments he made to Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress.

But the front-runner of the Republican party has told millions of his supporters that the prosecution is just playing politics.

If found guilty on all counts, he could spend about 75 years in prison. But if he returns to power, he might wait to go to jail until after his term is over.

In contrast, Trump asserted on Thursday that it is “very unlikely” that he will pardon himself if he wins re-election in 2024 and that he “didn’t do anything wrong.”


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