Signs you’re not cleaning your butt properly, remedies

Signs you’re not cleaning your butt properly, remedies

Your buttocks or anal region needs the same attention as you give your vaginal or penis. Keeping your intimate health hygienic goes a long way in protecting your overall well-being. While the vagina is a self-cleansing organ, your private parts need you to keep them washed and dry. Your anal region or buttocks need the same care.

There are many bacteria present around the butt such as streptococcus. So, if you don’t keep the area clean, bacteria might lead to infections, which may cause major challenges to your health.

Causes of the butt or anal infections

It is fairly common to experience sweating in the middle of the butt, and those who sweat more and those who are obese are more likely to experience this issue. Sweating causes bacterial and fungal infections, which can also result in itching, redness, and irritation.

Women often use waxing, trimmer, or razor to remove the hair around the vagina and butt. Post-hair removal, if you are not cleaning the area properly, you may develop genital burns, skin irritation, and butt pimples. This can even lead to an infection.

If you don’t thoroughly clean and wipe the anal area after passing a stool, you could have a butt infection. Your butt has hair. If it stays damp, it could raise the risk of infections.
Signs of poor butt hygiene
The way you’re cleaning your butt is the real issue. Not wiping properly can raise the risk of infections that can even spread to the vagina. This may cause anal discomfort and itching.

Here are 3 signs of poor butt hygiene:

Bad odour
If you do not clean your butt properly, you may end up with a bad smell coming from your butt. A foul smell is a sign that your butt hasn’t been cleaned properly.
A bad odour can also be a symptom of an infection which may need medical attention.

Itching or boils
Due to poor butt hygiene, you may also have many other problems, including itchiness, a burning sensation, acne, and rashes. These issues can be quite uncomfortable and annoying. If not taken care of in time, they may even lead to severe pain.

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Difficulty in passing stool
Poor butt hygiene may also be the cause of pain and difficulty passing faeces. Urinary incontinence is another possible issue. In fact, this might lead to vaginal irritation, infection, and foul odour.

How to clean your butt properly?
Here is the right way to clean the butt or anus, according to experts:

Wipe front to back. This prevents you from spreading bacteria to your urinary system.
To wipe your butt, use soft toilet paper, unscented tissue paper, or a soft, moist washcloth.
Do not rub the area vigorously with tissue.

Cleanse your bottom with gentle soap and warm water, and then pat it dry with a soft cloth.


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