What kind of parents are millennials?

What kind of parents are millennials?

Millennials are now parents. How different are they from the previous generation? A lot of people born in the 90s and even early 2000 have gotten married and now have their own children.

As parents, millennials tend to behave differently than the other generation of parents. Here’s a glimpse of their parenting style.

1. Give their child fancy non-native names

The number of children named Tobi, Emeka, or any tribal name is almost zero to none. Among millennial parents, you will find their children bearing names like Zendaya, Jason, and Jayden. I once met a child named Britney and I was shocked she wasn’t Caucasian.

2. They spend more time with their kids

On the positive side, even though millennials are quite busy, they play with their children a lot. We had parents who were sometimes too busy for us, but millennial parents will always take time for their children.

3. Open an Instagram account for their baby or use their baby for content

It’s become a common practice for parents to create Instagram accounts for their newborn babies and start posting pictures of them using first-person pronouns. For example, “Mummy fed me today.” Please, we know the baby didn’t write that.

Sometimes, they use their baby to make funny videos or post pictures and videos of their baby acting funny.

4. The mandatory pregnancy photoshoot

Our parents didn’t care about photoshoots, they just gave birth, but every millennial mother plans some elaborate pregnancy photoshoot.

5. They do not spank their children as often or as hard

Millennial parents are more doting and will shy away from flogging their children. Perhaps, some of them recognize how ineffective spanking and flogging were on them and so they don’t do that.


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