Buhari jokes about Niger Republic defending him post-presidency

Buhari jokes about Niger Republic defending him post-presidency

Buhari shares humorous remarks during the commissioning ceremony. With only a few days remaining until the end of his administration, President Muhammadu Buhari lightened the atmosphere with a touch of dark humor.

During the commissioning of the new corporate headquarters of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in Abuja, the outgoing president made a lighthearted remark, suggesting that the people of Niger Republic would come to his defense if anyone tried to harm him after leaving office.

President Buhari emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with neighboring countries during his tenure, citing personal and national reasons.

Recounting his initial visits to Niger, Chad, and Cameroon after assuming the presidency, he stressed the significance of securing the confidence and cooperation of neighboring nations.
“That is why when I became the President, my first visit was to Niger, Chad, and Cameroon because, based on personal and national issues, the neighborhood is very important.

“If you don’t secure the confidence and cooperation of your neighbors, you are in trouble, your children and grandchildren will be in trouble.

“So it is very good that I established a relationship with my neighbors. I said these few things about my personal belief because I have only six more days to go. And I try to plan to be as far away from Abuja as possible.

“Thank goodness, I come from an area that is far away from Abuja. I said if anybody forces me, I have a good relationship with my neighbors, Niger people will defend me.”

President Buhari’s comments sparked amusement among those present at the commissioning ceremony.

However, the president has frequently faced criticism from some Nigerians who have humorously labeled him as more “Nigerien” than Nigerian. This perception arose due to his numerous visits to the Niger Republic and the projects he has pursued, seemingly favoring the neighboring country.



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