Another Palestinian youths killed by Israeli forces

Following the gruesome cramp down on Palestinians by the Israeli oppressive regime, in the northern region of the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces raided a refugee camp close to the city of Nablus and shot three Palestinian youths dead.

The deaths were brought on by the regime’s troops storming the Balata refugee camp, east of the city of Nablus, on Monday.

According to the report: the three men have been identified by the Palestinian Health Ministry as Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Zaytoun, 32, Abdullah Yusuf Muhammad Abu-Hamdan, 24, and Fathi Jihad Abdussalam Rizq, 30.

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Local sources claim that after the bloodshed, the regime’s forces blocked the camp’s entrance, making it difficult for ambulances and medical personnel to reach the injured.

The raid on the refugee camp resulted in the injuries of an unspecified number of Palestinians, some of whom were seriously hurt.

Then, after surrounding the camp and closing off all access points, Israeli forces, who were supported during the raid by two military bulldozers, demolished three Palestinian homes.

Israel has increased its attacks on Palestinian cities and towns across the occupied territories in recent months. Difficulty Palestinians have been killed and numerous others have been detained as a result of these attacks.

The majority of the raids have targeted the occupied West Bank cities of Nablus and Jenin, where the regime’s forces have been attempting to quell a rising Palestinian resistance to the occupation.

Israel’s raids on various locations throughout the West Bank have included razing Palestinian-owned buildings because the government accuses them of killing Israeli settlers.

Israeli forces conducted a raid on Batala earlier in May, during which they killed two young Palestinians and injured at least seven more.

In the West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip, the forces of the regime have killed dozens of Palestinians so far this year.

On May 9, the regime launched a second round of back-to-back airstrikes against Gaza, which resulted in dozens of deaths.


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