Public support for British monarchy falls to record low

According to a recent study, the importance of the monarchy has hit a record low with only 3 in 10 British citizens considering it to be of great significance.

As the coronation ceremony of King Charles III approaches, a survey conducted by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has revealed that 29% of the respondents believe that the monarchy is “very important”, 26% consider it to be “quite important”, 20% think it is “not very important”, while 25% want to “abolish” it all together.

The study, which was conducted for this year’s British Social Attitudes Survey (BSA) and is based on over 6,638 interviews, shows that the proportion of people who support the monarchy has dropped to the lowest level since the survey began in 1983.

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In 2022, during the queen’s platinum jubilee, 35% of respondents said that the monarchy was “very important”, which was the first increase since 2012.

“Although we are seeing a downward trend in support for the monarchy, the data clearly shows that significant national events and celebrations, such as jubilees, marriages, and births, have a positive effect on society’s perception of the monarchy,” said Guy Goodwin, Chief Executive at the National Centre for Social Research.

The most recent study indicates that the British population is not welcoming King Charles as their monarch.

Additionally, there is a consistent pattern where younger individuals are less inclined than older individuals to deem it ‘very important’ that Britain has a monarchy.

Previously, a YouGov inquiry, conducted just over two weeks before Charles and the Queen Consort are set to be crowned, discovered that 51% of respondents believe that the ceremony should not be financed by the government.

The Republic, a pressure group that aims to eliminate monarchy rule from the country, is one of the primary leading groups. During the upcoming coronation ceremony of the king, which is scheduled for May 6, the Republic has vowed to hold a significant anti-monarchy demonstration event where thousands of individuals will supposedly appear at Trafalgar Square holding “Abolish the Monarchy” signs.


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