causes of baldness in women

causes of baldness in women

Once you go bald, you may never go back. Today, we have come to make a case for clean-shaven hair. The kind of hair that’s so shiny the sun bounces off it and illuminates everywhere.

Women! Here are five reasons you need to shave your hair, of which.

1. It gives you an air of mystery and adds character to your look

Believe it or not, a woman with clean-shaven hair commands a lot of attention. People wonder who she is and why her hair is cut so short. She stands out.

2. It’s cheap

Have you checked out the price of human hair wigs? You would have to ask yourself, why do you even need hair? Plus, you spend zero amount of money on hair maintenance.
3. It’s easy to maintain and you spend less time in the salon.

You won’t even have to run a comb through your hair. There is zero maintenance involved.

4. You feel free

Well, except when the hot sun is burning your scalp, your hair is not held down by any braids or locks. You can always wear a scalp or hat to protect your hair from the sun.
5. You have the chance to regrow your hair from scratch
If you want to have healthier hair, the best way is to cut it all off and start growing healthy hair from scratch.


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