Over 70,000 UK staff from 153 universities strikes, here’s what they demand

Over 70,000 UK staff from 153 universities strikes, here's what they demand
Over 70,000 UK staff from 153 universities strikes, here's what they demand

In a strike that is being hailed as the biggest one in the history of the UK’s higher education, more than 70,000 university employees are taking industrial action against their compensation.

The staff called for a 3-day strike beginning on November 24 over their compensation, pension, and working conditions. Pickets are expected at around 150 universities in the UK.

Talking about the purported strike, the University and College Union (UCU) mentioned that the strike would occur again next week on Wednesday and Friday, bringing the education sector to a standstill. The Union also remarked that unless the employers made a new offer, there would also be persistent strikes in the next year.

What are the staff’s demands?

Regarding demands, here’s what the UCU wants for the university staff –
• Increase in the pay package after a 3% rise in the cost of living.
• Elimination of insecure contracts.
• Employers should take back the pension cuts that they introduced this year.

While members of the government criticise the strike, the Union is clear on its stand. Robert Halfon, a minister, expressed concern over the strike’s impact on students. He urged the Union and the universities to work together for the sake of students.

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• Is the strike happening across the UK?
Yes, the strike is happening across significant universities in the UK.

• When will the strike end?
It is a three-day strike that will end on November 26.

• Will there be further strikes?
Yes, there might be further strikes if the demands are not met.

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