Joe Biden; why I shouldn’t go to Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden; why I shouldn't go to Saudi Arabia

US President Joe Biden has written a column in the Washington Post titled “Joe Biden: Why I’m going to Saudi Arabia” about the goals of his visit to Saudi Arabia.

The US President is going to visit Saudi Arabia, he has written about the goals of this trip in a column in the Washington Post, we are reviewing them here and trying to know the real goal.

He writes: “The visit will advance US interests”. But you must remember that Saudi Arabia is the biggest culprit in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and the world’s biggest takfiri terrorist organizations and takfiri terrorists belong to Saudi Arabia, and government supports them financially and ideologically. Do you want to escalate ties with a murderous country that killed Americans? If your answer is yes, please at least make a good excuse, it would have been better if you said that I am going to Saudi Arabia and my visit is to advance Israeli interests instead of US interests.

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President Biden just before the visit, listed many achievements of his government, such as ending the war in Iraq, reduction in attacks on US forces in the region, achievement of Afghanistan, ceasefire in Yemen… as well as he said the main goal of my visit to Saudi Arabia is to bring Iran back on the nuclear negotiating table. The agreement from which our government unilaterally pulled out in the past. He said that we will continue to put pressure on Iran to isolate it and be forced to return to the nuclear negotiating table.

All these words of Biden seem very interesting and heart-touching but are far from the truth. Come let us investigate all their claims. As far as American interests are concerned, we have already talked about that above. Secondly, the end of the war in Iraq, so yes it was a good move by the US, but many military experts believe that the US was not able to maintain a military presence in Iraq after repeated attacks on US troops. And with the assassination of General Soleimani, Iran’s senior military guest in Iraq at Baghdad Airport, and in retaliation raining of missiles on US military bases by Iran, and the subsequent passage of a law to end the presence of US troops in Iraq Parliament, are important reasons why America has had to end its military presence.

So please Mr. President, don’t describe it as an achievement, it is a weakness. Please be honest with the American people. And as far as Iran’s return to the nuclear talk table is concerned, according to Iranian media and government officials, they have never refused talks, they have some conditions, and if they are met, they are ready for talks. Now my question to you is, has Iran stepped back on its terms?! Has Iran broken through US sanctions and pressure?! Has Iran agreed to your terms?!

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He has blamed the Russia-Ukraine war for the world’s food crisis, claiming that his visit to Saudi Arabia can solve the crisis.

The Ukraine war is one of the worst wars of today’s era, which has skyrocketed food prices around the world. But it seems that President Biden is trying to show the world that Russia is responsible for this crisis! While the truth is that America is more responsible for this war than Russia. the US sought to join Ukraine in NATO, despite Russia’s constant warnings, which Russia has consistently described as a dangerous move. America, ignoring all the warnings of Russia, continued to spread NATO and continued to advance toward Russian borders. Many US military experts had also warned in the past, and called it dangerous. So this food crisis has been created by both USA and Russia.

It is true that, unlike former President Trump, Biden has taken a tough stand against Saudi Arabia on human rights. At least the media propaganda says it. However, what happened to the murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has bin Salman, on whose orders he was murdered punished?

Nothing needs to be said on this. Many political analysts believe that the US wants to move on from Jamal Khashoggi in relation to Saudi Arabia.

Despite Biden’s so-called tough stance, human rights violations are still at their peak in Saudi Arabia. Political opponents are being oppressed, they are being harassed. Phones of political opponents living abroad are being hacked by Israeli spyware. The whole world is silent, and America is drumming human rights only on paper.

One of the biggest human rights violations but also a humanitarian tragedy is the Yemen war, which the Biden government has said sent an envoy and made a ceasefire possible.
The Yemen war, which has been going on for the last 8 years, is the world’s biggest humanitarian disaster according to the United Nations and many human rights organizations. Yemen’s infrastructure has collapsed in these years of war. And Biden is saying that we have made a ceasefire.

Even if Biden’s claim is accepted as true, the ground reality of Yemen is that there are frequent ceasefire violations by Saudi warplanes. The siege of Yemen continues. Ships loaded with energy and oil still have difficulties anchoring in Yemen’s ports. Access to food is still very limited in Yemen, which is facing a severe food crisis. Due to the closure of Sanaa’s airport, the sick cannot go out of the country and medicines cannot come into the country. And the US so-called Human wright defender president still selling arms and bombs to Saudi Arabia!

At the end of his article, President Biden also wrote about the relationship, changing equations, and normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries: “On Friday, I will also be the first president to fly from Israel to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. That travel will also be a small symbol of the budding relations and steps toward normalization between Israel and the Arab world, which my administration is working to deepen and expand. In Jiddah, leaders from across the region will gather, pointing to the possibility of a more stable and integrated Middle East, with the United States playing a vital leadership role.”

I think this is the main purpose of President Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia. That is, to make Israel powerful in the region. With this visit, Biden seeks to promote Israel’s acceptance of the region, and his visit is to increase and strengthen the possibility of the formation of Arab NATO to confront Iran’s threat. He wrote that “America will play a key role in the leadership of a new stable and peaceful Middle East”. It’s a hoax, the truth is that America is leaving the Middle East, it has evacuated Afghanistan, it has pulled out troops from Iraq, it has to get out of Syria. Political analysts are calling this trend the “New World Order”.

The most reliable partner that America can choose for the role after leaving the Middle East is Israel. And America is moving forward on this plan, according to this plan, anti-Israel countries like, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon were first weakened by tactics like war and sanctions, and Arab countries were lured into the bond of normalization. Now if somehow Saudi Arabia also publicly and officially normalizes relations with Israel, Israel’s position will be strengthened, and after that, they will be left with only one enemy of Israel, Iran.

After analyzing all these things, we come to the conclusion that the main goals of Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia are
1. Ensuring Israel’s Security
2. Emphasizing the normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel
3. Israel-led Arab mobilization against Iran
4. Creating an Israeli-led Arab NATO- force like NATO


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