25 years of quality, kids fashion

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble: 25 years of quality kids fashion

For the past 25 years, no fashion company has been as committed to putting smiles on the faces of Nigerian children as Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. When it comes to getting your kids dressed up–or down–their emotional wellbeing comes first and that is the reason why creating happiness is embedded into the Ruff ‘n’ Tumble brand DNA.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble has maintained a strong standing at the forefront of the children’s clothing market for two and half decades by ensuring that each stitch, each color, each cut, and each print is intentionally thought out with the needs of children in mind always. From school to play to truly special occasion, the design and the craftsmanship is reflective of a child’s active life. With quality, this high, and so close to home– traveling abroad to shop becomes a mere afterthought.

Boasting of girls dresses and tops that float, shine, swing, and sway to make your girl the brightest flower in the garden, and boys shirts, trousers, and suits primed to make him the leader of the pack, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble has a wide array of clothing for every need.

Starting from babies as young as 6 months to our “big kids” on the cusp of adolescence, the options are limitless for each group. With these wide-ranging options at your fingertips, we’ve made the experiences as seamless as possible for our busy, doting parents. The Ruff ‘n’ Tumble online store has been designed with ease in mind, helping you in real-time every step of the way. The Ruff ‘n’ Tumble physical retail spaces aren’t left behind, with easy to navigate store designs that double as children’s play areas. Shopping for your kids is now easier than ever and so much fun to boot!

In addition to curating premium shopping experiences, RNT is fiercely committed to improving the fashion retail and manufacturing industry on the continent by imbuing other aspiring fashion entrepreneurs with the same skills needed to excel through the Betti O School of Fashion. One of the country’s leading fashion institutions, The Betti O School of Fashion is focused on training young individuals, primarily women between the ages of 18 and 30 with high-level skills in garment making as well as courses in the business of fashion.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble also joins every devoted parent to help instill values that make the world around them a better place. With her CSR initiative; The I Share Cuz I Care Foundation, R ‘n’ T focuses on the importance of sharing and caring in every Nigerian child, with the hope of creating a whole new generation of world leaders that think not just with their heads but also with their hearts.



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