Zionist love to kill Muslims!

Zionist love to kill Muslims!

Israel has launched a full-scale war against Gaza, till now more than 200 civilians have been killed in the Israeli bombing on Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel is currently planning to give instructions to the Jews to launch a full military attack on Palestinians

Netanyahu said no Makawa will continue to launch Palestinians until they confirm that Qudus city is theirs forever
It is predicted that what is happening in Palestine and how Israel is committing terrorism against Palestinians can turn into a new world war trend

And this cursed man has caused, there are those who think Benjamin Netanyahu has caused war for the political election that will be held in Israel because he wants to continue on his seat, that is why he campaigns with the blood of Palestinians

What a Jew loves most in his life is killing a Muslim, separating a Muslim from their religion, and destroying their stupidity, anyone that does this to Jew will love him

We pray to God to destroy Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan, may God return his promise to the Muslims even on his bed


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