Willing to swim in this beautiful pink lake? 


The lake stands out not only for its unusual colour, but also for its rich flora and fauna. Bulgaria, although known primarily for its attractive resorts and lovely beaches, also hides less obvious attractions.

One of them is the extraordinary Lake Atanasovsko, which owes its unique, pink colour to brine shrimp.

Lake Atanasovsko is located close to the Black Sea, from which it is separated by a sandy isthmus. Its depth is only 30 cm, which makes it one of the shallowest lakes in Bulgaria.

It stands out not only for its unusual colour, but also for its rich flora and fauna, making it a real paradise for ornithology enthusiasts. Of the 432 species of birds found in Bulgaria, over 300 can be found here, including exotic flamingos.

Interestingly, the pink colour of the water occurs only in a specific area of ​​the lake. Only the southern part of the reservoir is used to produce salt, which Lake Atanasovsko has no shortage of thanks to its proximity to the Black Sea.

As much as 40,000 tons of salt are extracted there annually, and the extraction process itself has a tradition of over 100 years.

Atanasovsko, located north of Burgas, is also a natural spa, beloved by tourists. The water in the lake is so salty that instead of swimming, you can freely drift in it.

In addition, the mud at the bottom of the lake is believed to have healing properties, which is why tourists also enjoy mud baths.


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