Americans rank inflation second to government as the nation’s most pressing issue

According to a new poll, Americans rank inflation second to government as the nation’s most pressing issue, in a new Gallup poll released on Monday, Americans view their own government as the nation’s biggest problem, with inflation coming in at number two on the list of most pressing problems facing the nation.

Americans believe that the nation’s greatest issue is a lack of leadership from President Biden and the Congress, surpassing inflation, the immigration crisis, and the state of the economy. “The government/poor leadership” took over the No. 1 spot despite the fact that Americans were stung in the wallet. 1 spot from inflation, with 21% of Americans naming it as the “most important problem facing this country today,” up from 15% last year, according to a Gallup Poll.

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According to the survey, 21% of U. S. Inflation is the top issue for 15% of adults, while the government and its ineffective leadership are viewed as the biggest issue. The economy came in fourth (ten percent) and immigration came in third (eleven percent).

Separated by party, 24 percent of Republicans and independents leaning Republican and 18 percent of Democrats and independents with a Democratic lean viewed the government and poor leadership as the two biggest issues. Members of both parties voted overwhelmingly in favor of the government and its leadership.

 At 18% each, immigration and inflation tied for second place among Republicans and independents leaning Republican, while inflation dropped to second place for Democrats at 11%.

Republicans (11%) thought the economy was the third most important issue, while Democrats (9%) saw race relations as the third most important issue facing the nation.

41 percent of Americans only. S. Just 21% of adults thought Congress was doing a good job, while President Biden was rated favorably by adults.

Only 2% and 15% of Americans gave the country’s economic conditions an “excellent” or “good” rating, respectively, according to the survey. They were overwhelmingly rated as “poor” by 45% and “fair” by 38%.


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