Video: Elephant who fainted from stress revived with CPR after she and her calf got stuck in a hole

In a dramatic moment caught on camera, a stranded mother elephant and her calf were rescued from a golf course drain after vets revived the unconscious jumbo with CPR.

The pair was safely rescued and has returned into the wild.

The elephant’s one-year-old calf had slipped into a concrete drain at a golf course during monsoon rains in Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok province. The distressed mom refused to leave her calf’s side, but also fell in shortly after she was sedated.

Elephant and calf saved in dramatic rescue in Thailand

A veterinarian, national park staff and volunteers sprung into action to perform CPR on the animal in an attempt to resuscitate her. Rescuers used a truck-mounted boom lift to pull the mother out before climbing on top of her to perform simultaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Meanwhile the digger cleared away earth so the anxious calf could climb out from the slippery mud. The calf began suckling its mother, which soon regained consciousness, and both were able to return to the wild.

A Twitter user shared the video and wrote, “A veterinarian and national park staff saved an elephant mother in Thailand after they performed CPR on her Wednesday The elephant fainted from stress after her calf fell and got stuck in a hole. They were both rescued and safely walked back into the wild.”

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Sky News reported that Dr Chananya Kanchanasarak, Khao Yai national park Department vet, said: “It was impossible to get near the baby while the mother was nearby so we gave her three doses of tranquillisers but she moved towards her baby before passing out and hit her head.”  It took about three hours to finish the rescue operation, according to The Guardian.

Reacting to the beautiful rescue, one user wrote, “These beautiful beasts being saved by these beautiful people gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.” Another commented, “Sometimes humans are good.”

Watch the video:


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