Neighbors seek help as mentally unstable woman gives birth

Neighbors seek help as mentally unstable woman gives birth

According to her neighbors, the mentally unstable woman hasn’t had her bath since she gave birth three weeks ago.

Residents of Owoseni Street, Mechanic Bus Stop, and Badagry Expressway in Lagos, have sought out help as their mentally unstable neighbor, Ethel Akuboh, just put to bed.

Ethel, who lives alone with her two-year-old daughter in a room apartment, gave birth to a baby without medical intervention on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

The mentally unstable woman said her husband abandoned her after renting the place for her, adding that he had not set her eyes on him in over two months.

Her words: “I am from Isoko in Delta State. My relatives are in the village. It is only my husband who knows this place.

“He rented this place for me. The last time he visited was two months ago. He is the father of my daughter, Blessing, two years old.

“This is my fifth child. Three of my children are with their grandfather in the village.

“When I called my husband on the phone yesterday, he said he had gone to the village but he said he would come and see us.”

One of Ethel’s neighbors who identified herself as Iya Junior, who spoke on the plight of the woman, said she messes up the environment.

“I traveled, by the time I returned, she had rented this place. The woman is troublesome, and messes up the toilet; she doesn’t flush the toilet after use.

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“We didn’t know she was pregnant, if not that we saw blood and everything, she gave birth by herself inside her apartment.

“She cut the placenta by herself, and she hasn’t had a bath since she gave birth.

“We need the government and the Ministry of Women Affairs to rescue her and take proper care of her and the children.

“Beyond the lean contributions we are making to the nursing mother, Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs needs to rescue Ethel and her children as the baby needs urgent medical attention,” Iya Junior said as she sought help for the woman.

Another neighbor who spoke on a condition of anonymity, said Ethel’s relatives have been incommunicado to them, adding that the government needs to come to her aid.


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