Common workout mistakes and how to avoid them

Common workout mistakes and how to avoid them

Are you exercising right? I spoke to a personal trainer about the common mistakes people make at the gym and he gave interesting answers.

It is not unusual to have people who want to look and become fit by regular exercise think that only a gym subscription and regular attendance will get them in shape.

Just going to the gym will not give them the body they desire, they have to follow some basic rules – if they don’t, it is a waste of time and energy.

Here are some of the common gym mistakes;

1. Poor exercise selection
Many people treat going to the gym like a grocery store, moving from aisle to aisle looking for things to put into their cart.

At the gym, they go equipment hopping moving from the treadmill to lifting weights, to the barbells to the rowing machines without any clear direction. Every single gym equipment has a purpose and works on certain parts of your body, so know what the equipment you are using for the day does.

How do you get the most out of your gym time? Do compound exercises that work on different muscles in your body like squats, lunges, push-ups, and deadlifts.

2. Bad posture or form
About bad posture, the personal trainer, Jude says; “If your posture is bad it contributes to your poor technique or form. The poor technique has to do with your posture when you are working out. For example, leaning when you should be standing straightforward.”

If your form is bad you are likely to get injured and have severe body pain.

3. Not warming up

Here is celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels explaining the importance of warming up, “think of your muscles and connective tissue like a rubber band. If you pull a rubber band when it’s cold it can snap. But if you heat up that rubber, it’s far more elastic and flexible.”

Before you exercise, it is important to warm up. Warming up prepares your body and heart for exercise. It raises your heart rate, and body temperature, and prevents soreness and accidents.

What is the perfect way to warm up? Stretch your body like you are doing yoga, touch your toes or use a foam roller to effectively stretch your back and body.

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4. Lifting heavy weights too soon
Yes, you want to gain more muscle strength but it is a mistake to lift heavy weights immediately you start going to the gym even if your goal is strength.

Jude said, “The main reason for this is to minimize the chances of getting injured. If you are not ready for heavy lifting, then you would most likely hurt yourself.”

5. Lifting only lightweights
“The goal of most people who go to the gym is to lose weight and also build strength, but you never know how much your capacity has increased if you stick to the same weights every time you go to the gym.”

So step your game up, increase the challenges and the weights you lift. Stretch yourself but do not do too much.

6. Poor breathing
Another popular mistake is not controlling your breathing. What does breathing have to do with exercise? Everything. The best way to breathe is through the nose and belly deeply but most people exercising breath shallowly through their mouths instead of their nose.

When you do not breath well when exercising your blood pressure increases, your muscles are tighter and it impedes your ability to burn fat, train hard, and lose weight.

7. Neglecting leg day
If you don’t want to look ridiculous then you can’t skip leg day. Work out those legs with squats and deadlifts and other leg exercises. Yes, it can be physically demanding but it would give you a more rounded physique.



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