Israel: Bullets penetrate home of Holocaust survivor amid gang war

Family members say the the holocaust surviving woman and her caregiver were still afraid after their harrowing experience; police say bullets likely meant for family of local gang leader as part of criminal gangs’ dispute

קליעים בדלת

An unknown assailants fired eight bullets at the door of an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor in Kfar Saba early on Sunday, while she was home with her caregiver.

Israel Police estimated the shots were fired in a case of a mistaken identity.

The Holocaust survivor and her caregiver were not hurt in the shooting, and according to the police, the assailants intention was to harm family members of a local crime gang.

Shortly before the incident, a coffee shop belonging to the same criminal organization was allegedly set on fire following an ongoing gang dispute.

The shooting at the apartment door occurred around 2 am. The unknown suspect entered a building on Rothschild Street and fired eight bullets at the apartment door. At the same time, on the other side of the door, the elderly woman and her caregiver were in their beds.

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A family member said that the women panicked when the bullets penetrated the door and hit near their beds.

“They did not understand what had happened,” the family member said.”She and the caregiver have suffered a rough experience,” another member of the family said. “They were still scared and did not really understand what had happened.

“She’s been through some very difficult things in her life, but this is also very difficult,” the family member said. ” She says that during the shooting, they heard people walking around in the hallway and were afraid to leave the apartment until the police arrived.”


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