Todd Boehly wins Chelsea bid in a deal worth over 1.8 trillion naira

Todd Boehly wins Chelsea bid in a deal worth over 1.8 trillion naira

According to the latest reports, an American billionaire has won the bid to succeed Roman Abramovich as the club’s new owner in a deal worth over £3.5 billion

Although there has not yet been official confirmation from Chelsea or the Boehly group, as well as Raine – the bank in charge of the sale, sources have told Telegraph Sport that the American will be confirmed as the club’s preferred buyer.

Neither Chelsea or Raine and the Boehly group have commented on the situation.

There are already reports from America, that the part-owner of the LA Dodgers and LA Lakers, had been chosen as the club’s preferred bidder.
There was also no comment on the Ratcliffe bid, with further talks between Chelsea and Raine set to take place ahead of any official announcements.

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Ratcliffe had tabled an 11th-hour offer worth up to £4.25billion on Friday morning April 29, 2022.

Ratcliffe’s bid had also sparked confusion around the sale process over whether or not Chelsea and Raine would actually let him in through the back door following weeks of negotiations with the other three shortlisted groups – Pagliuca, Boehly, and Broughton.

It is understood that Boehly’s group was not informed they had not advanced, along with Pagliuca and Broughton, and that might have indicated strongly that he would soon be confirmed as Sta ford bridge’s new owner.


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